• Modern Tendencies of Islam in Ukraine

    Historically, Islam is an integral part of Ukrainian society. Muslim communities hold worthy positions among other religious tendencies. However, combat operations in the east and south part of the country as well as the occupation of Crimea became a real test for Ukrainian Muslims. Some of them have maintained pro-Ukrainian ...
  • “Cursed those for seven generation, who love them”- This is how Chechens think of Russia

    Today Chechnya is considered one of the most “exemplary” Republics according to the standards of Kremlin, where the governmental regime expresses a full loyalty against the Federal Government, the level of terrorism threat has been reduced to a minimum and the common people live in “peace and tranquility”.
  • Salafi Caucasians are a «threat» for regime in Russia

    “Take as much sovereignty, as you can swallow” After dissolution of USSR great number of problems were detected within the post-Soviet space conditioned mostly by inter-ethnic relations. 
  • Russian Mercenaries: Outside the law

    It is a famous fact that Russian citizens have been fighting in Syria for a long time.